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How To Start Your Own Greeting Card Business

The Greeting Card industry is a billion dollar per year business in the United States alone. With that much purchasing going on, there is always room for you to find your own unique niche selling greeting cards.

Whether you're a creative artist, a great writer or even just good at making connections with people, this might be a great business for you.

In this excellent Moms Talk Biz resource, "Guide To Starting A Greeting Card Biz" you'll discover:

  • The latest statistics and industry information about the greeting card business.

  • How YOU can make money in the greeting card business, whether you're a writer, artist or something in between.

  • Want to design your own original cards? Learn from industry professional Sandra Miller-Louden on how to create just the right card, depending on the audience you are trying to attract.

  • Buying cards at wholesale or working with a greeting card company. You don't have to be the super creative type to get into selling greeting cards.

  • Selling your ideas & designs to greeting card companies: Learn the ins, outs and the guidelines for submitting your work to greeting card companies.

  • Contact information & specific submission guidelines for specific greeting card companies that accept submissions.

  • Copyrighting your work. Protect your intellectual property by understanding how copyright works.

  • Benefits of having your own greeting card business. It's more than just dollars and cents.

  • What kind of equipment & supplies you need for launching your own line. And don't worry, it's not as complicated as you might think.

  • How much you can charge for your greeting cards. Whether you're selling verses or drawings to an established company or selling your work to your own customers, find out how much you can make.

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Guide To Starting A Greeting Card Biz


25 Ways to Write for Money
by David Goldsmith


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