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Types of Greeting Cards

There are two main categories of greeting cards -- Seasonal and Everyday. Card sales are split approximately 50/50 between these two types.

The most popular Everyday cards are

Birthday (60%)
Anniversary (8%)
Get Well (7%)
Friendship (6%)
Sympathy cards (6%)


The most popular Seasonal cards are:

Christmas (60%)
Valentine's Day (25%)
Mother's Day (4%)
Easter (3%)
Father's Day (3%) cards. 

(Source: The Greeting Card Association)


Greeting cards can be further categorized according to whether they are:

Traditional: this verse is usually rhymed.

Contemporary Prose: incorporates soft, realistic writing, that is conversational in tone.

Studio or Humorous: joke and gag cards.

Alternate: those carrying alternate themes. Alternative cards use both contemporary prose and humor to get their message across.

See for a further explanation of these types of cards.


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